Slumberkins Narwhal- Growth Mindset

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Set Includes: Fully-stuffed Kin plush + 2 Books in gift packaging Narwhal promotes Growth Mindset! The books introduce new concepts and lessons while the Narwhal plush toy brings them to life as a tangible reminder.

Narwhal is for: -Encouraging a persistent and resilient attitude towards learning and challenges -Cultivating problem-solving skills and innovative thinking. -Teaching children the value of teamwork -Providing emotional support and motivation in learning environment

-Gifts for Baby Showers, Birthdays, and Holidays Introduction

Book: Narwhal, I Believe In You instills positive core beliefs about growth mindset & resilience. Children learn that they can always keep trying despite difficulties and trust their bodies to tell them when to rest.

 Lesson Book: Narwhal Uses Teamwork teaches emotional skills for problem-solving, encouraging children to think creatively and ask for help when needed.

Machine washable, Air dry. 100% Polyester. Stuffed w/hypoallergenic fiberfill